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About Us

Deb and Steve Adopt
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Deb was born in Virginia to a loving family. Her parents moved to Connecticut when her Dad was relocated for work. Her Mom was a stay at home Mom when she was young. Unfortunately, when she was four years old her father unexpectedly passed away. Deb’s Mom then moved their family back to Long Island, New York to live near family. Deb’s Mom went back to school for accounting and got a job to support her and her sister. Some years later, her Mom met her step-dad, who is an amazing guy and has always been there for her and whom she considers her Dad. 

Deb went to a state university where she majored in political science. She went to Law school in New York City. While in law school, she lived in Brooklyn. Deb now works as an in house lawyer for a major corporation. 

Deb got into fitness in recent years. She loves kickboxing and even did a Spartan race. And of course loves all things cats. She volunteered at a cat rescue for a number of years.

Age: 43
Occupation: Attorney



Steve was born in New Jersey but has lived on Long Island most of his life. He is the youngest of 4 siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother. Steve’s Mom was a stay at home Mom and his Dad was a copy writer.

Steve went to Performing Arts College where he majored in Video Production. He later took MBA classes. Steve worked in the audio visual department for a College. He also had his own video Production company for a number of years through which he filmed things such as weddings and dance recitals. Steve currently works in Media Production for a school. 

Steve loves collecting retro video games, writing and recording music, comic books as well as toys from the 80s.

Age: 44
Occupation: Media Production & Technology

How We Met

We met on a dating website in 2007. After emailing, texting and a few phone calls, we went on our first date for sushi. The date was going so well, we went to Starbucks where Deb got hot chocolate since she doesn’t like coffee and we have been together ever since.

We enjoy Mets games, traveling, going to the beach, going to movies, spending time with friends and family, and, most recently, we have gotten into hiking and playing some online games with friends.  We also love going to concerts to see our favorite bands (from the 90s mostly).  We like to get to the city when we can to catch a Broadway show, walk the high line or Central Park and eat some yummy food.  

Where we were married 

We got married in 2013 in Las Vegas! Both of our parents love Vegas, so it wasn’t hard to convince them to go. We had a beautiful ceremony at a Las Vegas chapel and an amazing dinner with about 30 friends and family at a nearby restaurant on the strip. It was an amazing day and experience.

About our Home

We lived in an apartment in Western Nassau County so Deb could be close to the train station to get to her job in the city at the time. When she got a job on Long Island, we looked for a home further east to have some more space and to be closer to our families. We now live in Western Suffolk County, about 15 minutes from a beach and around 20-40 minutes from our parents.

We have a three bedroom, 2 bathroom house in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The house has a fully finished basement and beautiful sunroom, our favorite room in the house.

Brodie & Gizmo

We have two cats who we couldn’t love more. Brodie, a marble tabby, is 11 and Gizmo, our lucky black cat, is 3. They have very different personalities. Brodie is a very loving, sweet boy who always needs to be where we are and is a total lap cat. Gizmo is a lovable teddy bear that comes to give you love on his own terms, but will always come running if he hears his treat bag.

“Eat pizza at least once a week and you will never be unhappy”