Letter to Expectant Mother


Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We know you are in the process of making some tough decisions about your life and your baby that cannot be easy to say the least. My husband and I have been looking forward to starting a family for a long time. We tried 2 rounds of IVF but were unsuccessful. After much thought, we have decided to build our family through adoption. 

I wanted to tell you a little bit about us and our life.  We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Long Island, New York. We live about 20 minutes from a beach and close to many beautiful parks. We also have a train station not far away so that we can easily take a trip into New York City. My husband works in Media Production for a school and I am an in house lawyer for a major corporation. The silver lining of the pandemic is that we both now work from home sometimes which will be helpful when we welcome an adoptive baby. 

We enjoy Mets games, traveling, going to the beach, spending time with friends and family, and, most recently, we have gotten into hiking and playing some online games with friends (even though we are terrible at it). We also love going to concerts to see our favorite bands (from the 90s mostly).

We have two cats who we couldn’t love more. Brodie, a marble tabby, is 11 and Gizmo, our lucky black cat, is 3. They have very different personalities. Brodie is a very loving, sweet boy who always needs to be where we are and is a total lap cat. Gizmo is a loveable teddy bear that comes to give you love on his own terms, but will always come running if he hears his treat bag.

We would love to talk or text with you if that is something you would be interested in. If you select us as parents, we would be open to sharing information about the baby if that is something you desire.

We wish you the best with whatever decision you make. We know this is a difficult time in your life and appreciate you taking the time to learn about us on your journey.